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Megatech specializes in integrated repair and sales solutions for advanced audio visual display products from projectors to digital signage and industrial panels to medical-grade monitors to clients across Canada.

We provide an array of services to our customers. Some of these services include LCD & DLP projector repairs, LCD repairs and sales, projector sales, OEM projector lamp sales and projector cleaning and maintenance.

Employing a team of trained and certified technicians and product specialists with a true passion for display technology.


  • EIZO Case Study: Tim FlachFine Art Animal Photographer
  • EIZO Case Study: The Sakakibara Heart Institute of Okayama
  • EIZO Case Study: Utsunomiya Central Clinic
  • EIZO Case Study: Tim Flach
    Fine Art Animal Photographer

    “When working to such detail and exact colour tones that I require for my hyper real animal images, EIZO’s calibrated screens are as you expect, precise, reliable and second to none.” - Tim Flach, Internationally acclaimed Award-winning Fine Art animal Photographer

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  • EIZO Case Study:
    The Sakakibara Heart Institute of Okayama

    EIZO's surgical monitor solutions for hybrid operating rooms. The Sakakibara Heart Institute performed the first successful cardiac trauma surgery in Japan in 1936 and has since established itself as a leading hospital for cardiovascular diseases in the world. The hospital's location in Okayama is a new facility that was opened in September of 2012 with 2 hybrid operating rooms using the latest in medical instruments and equipment.

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  • EIZO Case Study:
    Utsunomiya Central Clinic

    EIZO's 8 megapixel monitor used for the latest in breast cancer examinations. The latest in breast cancer examinations, 3D breast tomosynthesis, is a procedure being carried out by Utsunomiya Central Clinic, where three EIZO RadiForce RX840-MG monitors are being used. Dr. Sato, Radiologist on Utsunomiya Central Clinic's administration board, assesses the usability of the monitors for breast cancer examination.

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  • Magnum Photographers Profiled:
    Elliott Erwitt – Connecting With His Subjects

    Few living photographers exemplify the vision of living for the moment, as demonstrated by Elliott Erwitt. Careful planning, and being in the right place at the right time, are both hallmarks of this master craftsman.

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  • EIZO Case Study:
    Alessandro Belluscio – Outdoor Action Sports Photographer

    Alessandro Belluscio, nicknamed Alo, is an Italian photographer whose work has appeared in some of the world’s most well-known magazines.

    His interest in photography was awakened by a love of the mountains. Between 2006 and 2011, he founded and ran the Italian freeskiing magazine 4Skiers magazine, acting as both photo editor and editor.

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