Megatech and EIZO

Megatech and EIZO

Megatech is the only EIZO Authorized Dealer in Canada for sales, service and support of EIZO's entire lineup of monitors.

EIZO: Building the Future

EIZO is now firmly established as the world’s leading specialist in high-quality visual display systems. With the market showing rapid growth in both size and diversity, they continue to consolidate our position with products that integrate excellence in technology with new, cutting-edge software applications. Such integration inevitably transcends the traditional boundaries of development, design and production, and is taking EIZO forward into exciting and challenging new areas of business.

Supported by an active commitment to the environment, EIZO quality is increasingly recognized for offering the best available combinations of performance, reliability, comfort and service. For major corporations, research institutes, financial and medical institutions, as well as professionals in many other fields, EIZO display systems define the current industry standards.

Products such as our FlexScan® high-quality LCD monitors deliver a high degree of added value. To meet the exacting requirements of the medical market, meanwhile, EIZO has developed RadiForce® medical display monitors; and for the demanding graphics market, ColorEdge® calibratable LCD monitors. In the case of FORIS LCD TVs, EIZO seeks to further develop the products’ high-quality imaging and sound, along with unique and sophisticated designs.


A key factor in EIZO's success is innovation—their record of introducing products with features and functions that meet specific user needs, and help to make work more productive. For example, they are allocating more resources to niche markets, such as medical, graphics, and air traffic control, where greater accuracy and reliability are required.

To create the products of the future, EIZO’s R&D department pursues two complementary aims: spearheading the development of new technologies, and integrating existing ones to meet emerging market needs. The first of these aims involves advanced research in fields such as graphics processing; the design of highfrequency circuits and LSIs; image and voice compression; and the promising next-generation display technology of organic electro luminescent devices. The second seeks new ways of increasing monitor display areas; more compact and space-efficient product design; and greater operational flexibility through functions such as improved color control, multimedia compatibility, and reduced power consumption.


The consistent quality and reliable performance of EIZO products is directly linked to our concentration of planning and design operations, as well as component production, at our central facility in Ishikawa, Japan.

The specific experience and skills of our employees are indispensable for the standards of craftsmanship our customers expect, as is the familiarity with processes and technologies that enables them to quickly master new training programs and accommodate the frequent innovations characteristic of our industry. This expertise also supports our ISO 9001 certification, by which each manufacturing facility adheres to a detailed and comprehensive quality control system.

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