• Megatech: Your Audio-Visual Experts

    Established repair process. Highly qualified technicians. We are your AV Experts.

  • Projector Solutions

    Well priced, professional, and a broad range of projection technology for education, religion, government, military and business communication. 

  • Commercial Display Solutions

    Only the best display brands and a wide range of radiology/PACS, modality and clinical review displays. 

Megatech specializes in integrated repair and sales solutions for advanced audio-visual products ranging from projectors to digital signage and industrial panels for clients across all sectors and across Canada. 

Service Expertise

Over 50 years of experience in the electronics industry. Our repair advantage lies in the extensive experience we possess in performing component level repair. Our qualified service technicians are trained in all aspects of repair. 


Vertical Integration

We sell only the best brands. We service all makes and models. We source only OEM parts. We provide reverse logistics for select manufacturers. 



Technical Support

We employ a team of expertly trained technicians and product specialists with a true passion for audio-visual technology. We are the most knowledgeable source when it comes to display products, capable of repairing any make and model of audio-visual products. 


Our Preferred Partners


Audio, projector and monitor repair, refurbishment, cleaning and maintenance, and reverse logistics services. 



Repair Service

Established repair process, highly qualified technicians, and quick turnaround time. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Audio Visual Combo

Improve image quality, reduce downtime, extend projector and lamp life. 

Reverse Logistics

Effective and efficient repair, secure storage, and return logistics program. 


We sell top brands of professional projectors for all industries and display solutions focused on the medical, commercial and industrial industries. 




Best-in-class professional projectors for all professional purposes. 

Audio Visual Combo


High-quality commercial and medical displays for a range of professional uses. 



Audio-visual accessories ranging from lamps and filters to cables and carrying cases. 

Megatech Integrated Services Ltd.

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