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Choosing the Right Quality Control Solutions

Choosing the Right Quality Control Solutions

Offering State-of-the-Art Solutions for the Quality Control of EIZO Monitors Using RadiCS & RadiNET Pro





Controlling the Quality of Monitors

Q1 Do all monitors have the same quality? Does quality remain unchanged over time

A1 Monitor quality is determined by brightness, grayscale and brightness uniformity characteristics which vary by monitor. Moreover, they change slowly over time.


Q2 What happens if the monitor quality differs or changes?

A2 In a hospital where the images are displayed on different monitors for diagnosis or for past and present image comparison, differences or changes in monitor quality may lead to deterioration in the quality of medical care itself.


Q3 What can be done to maintain monitor quality?

A3 Monitor quality control (QC) is required to detect the characteristic difference or the gradual changes and to take suitable steps for maintenance. 


Q4 What's required to start utilizing monitor QC?

A4 Software that can detect changes in monitor characteristics and perform the appropriate calibration when necessary.


Q5 Are there standards for monitor QC?

A5 Monitor QC assessment and judgment criteria have been standardized and put forward by organizations worldwide such as AAPM, DIN, JIRA, and IEC.

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