Display solutions focused on the medical, commercial and industrial industries. 


The ‘digital age’ of the medical industry has accelerated substantially in the last decade. Widespread adoption of PACS and the digitization of modalities have led to intensified use of monitor displays in place of film as well as increased use in the operating room. From the older CRTs to the latest ultra-high resolution LCD displays, we cater to all areas of the medical industry, carrying a wide range of medical display products catering to PACS, modalities, endoscopy and clinical review. 

Precise Diagnosis: EIZO's RadiForce medical monitor solutions offer DICOM Part 14 compliance for accurately reproducing fine shadows and grayscale changes. They also feature other high-performance characteristics as required in the medical field, such as high brightness to maintain clear visibility even in bright environments. 

Comprehensive Lineup: RadiForce offers a full lineup of monitors in various sizes and resolutions, with a range of functions to meet the needs of each medical department. 

Stable Image Over Time: A monitor's brightness and grayscale tones naturally deviate over time. RadiForce combats this with a built-in calibration sensor that maintains brightness for easy quality control and stable image quality. 


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In the 1980s when manufacturers began releasing the first-ever CAD and graphics monitors, we were there to provide frontline support. Today, with the advent of the LCD monitor,  we have remained on the cutting edge. The high-quality display products we carry span every facet of the commercial field. 


EIZO's ColorEdge monitors are renowned around the world for their colour accuracy and management, from hobby photography to pro photography, and design / printing to post production / 3DCG. 


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EIZO features an extensive lineup of LCD monitors for optimal performance to work with all industries, particularly trading rooms, control rooms, schools and offices. With industry-leading image quality and energy-saving features, FlexScan monitors will help you work more productively while reducing your running costs. 


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