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Light and Colour Measurement & Testing Services

Ensuring optimal performance of your light and colour systems through PRECISE MEASUREMENTS AND ANALYSIS

We feature light and colour measurement testing services as part of our repertoire of AV services. These services are well-suited for high-lumen, Lamp-based, LED and Laser projectors as well as LCD and LED backlit monitor panels where optimal magnitude, colour, quality and spatial distribution of light emission are crucial. Our services employ use of photometric, spectroradiometric, illuminance and power measurement tools.

Light and Colour Measurement & Testing Services:

  • Photometric & Colour Testing: Luminous flux (lumens); Luminous intensity (candela); Luminance (cd/m2, fL), Illuminance (lux, ft-c)
  • Radiometry: Radiance (watts/sr/m2), Photon Radiance (photons/sr/m2/sec)
  • Colorimetry: CIE chromaticity coordinates; Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT); Color Rendering Index (CRI)
  • Electrical: Voltage; Current
  • Spectral: Spectral distribution (watts/nm); Spectral intensity (watts/sr-nm); Peak & dominant wavelengths (nm)
  • Advanced Measurement Systems: High-precision (5nm) Spectroradiometer for photometric and colorimetric light measurements

Note that these light and colour measurement testing services are not solely exclusive to the audio-visual industry, so please inquire if our services may be of benefit to you.

Additional industrial applications include visual display testing, LED testing, digital cinemas, surface testing (e.g. paper, ink and textiles), film and video post-production, automotive/aerospace displays, and medical/dental colour testing.

Contact us for further details orĀ Request an RMA to proceed with our light and colour measurement testing services.

Our Repair Process

Our service department follows strict procedures to evaluate, repair, and test your product to meet manufacturer specifications.

Our Qualified Technicians

Our technicians are trained in all aspects of repair, have an extensive background working with electronics, and are capable of servicing all AV products.


We provide a quick turnaround time, requiring 2 to 3 business days for regular repairs. Emergency one-day turn-around service available.